Vulms Virtual University Learning Management System


The Vulms Virtual University Learning Management System

The Virtual University Learning Management System is a comprehensive software platform that allows students to manage their educational experience while studying at the University and you can easily Login Vulms here. The VU-LMS allows you to:

  • Maintain and update your personal information
  • Receive important announcements from the University
  • Maintain a personal diary and notes
  • View your lecture schedule
  • Read lecture notes
  • Download assignments and submit your solutions for grading
  • Ask questions from your tutors and receive replies to the same
  • Participate in quizzes and class discussions
  • View your results and monitor your academic progress through your grade book
  • View your fee status and download your fee vouchers for payment at the bank
  • Access a host of student services such as requesting for lost Id Cards etc.

You will learn more about all of the above in the orientation video that is included on this CD. On Parho Pakistani You Can Check Your NTS Roll Number Slip



Using the VULMS

To access the VULMS, you will need to use a computer connected to the Internet and having a standard browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) installed. If you do not know what this means, do not worry: you will undergo an orientation session during the first few days of your initial semester. You may also ask a knowledgeable friend to assist you initially.

How to ask Questions

The facility of the MDB (Moderated Discussion Board) has been provided to ask questions relevant to lessons. The recommended procedure is to

  • Read handouts prior to taking video lecture
  • View the video lecture and prepare key notes
  • Read the  relevant page/section of the handout/ recommended books and visit the internet links as mentioned in the course calendar
  • Discuss and share ideas on the discussion board
  • Ask questions on the discussion board.

After logging on to the VULMS, first check the FAQs for the course to see if your queries have been addressed in any previous semester. If not, go to the open MDB for the course (only one session will be “open”; other sessions will be readable but you may post questions only on the “open” board) and post your question. Tutors will respond to your queries within a short period of time. You are also encouraged to read questions from other students and the tutors’ responses to them. This will improve your understanding of the subject matter. Remember, the MDB are always readable throughout the semester so they form a very valuable asset when you are preparing for semester examinations.

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