UVAS Organises Awareness Seminar On Paradoxical Agriculture


The university of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore arranged an awareness seminar on “Paradoxical Agriculture” here on Wednesday at City Campus Lahore.

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore masterminded a mindfulness class on “Incomprehensible Agriculture”here on Wednesday at City Campus Lahore. The goal of the workshop was to execute the system of incomprehensible agribusiness for high return grain/crops generation, so the profitability of the dairy creatures can be expanded with a definitive objective of nourishment security in Pakistan.

UVAS Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Rabbani chaired the inaugural session of the seminar while a large number of UVAS faculty members from all campuses, staff and postgraduate students were attended.

Mr Muhammad Asif Sharif, who is specialized in marketing, project development in agriculture, production process mechanization, forward engineering in energy responsible citizenship, delivered a detailed lecture and shared his ideas for new technology of change in existing production system for more production with minimum input cost. He introduced most of the agriculture machinery in use, developed precision machinery for land levelling raised-bed cropping, seeding, compost/fertilizer dressing, transplanting, weeding and soil aerating.

He said reasonable harvest creation can lessen the information cost of domesticated animals and poultry generation as roughly 70 percent of the expense is acquired on the arrangement of adjusted feed. He likewise talked about that how the dumbfounding agribusiness intercessions can be of help for improved and reasonable grub generation. Hespoke about different perspectives identified with confusing farming study of eco framework, challenges, breed improvement, common procedure of vegetation, furrowing, seed requires dampness and warmth, water utilization,irrigation, transpiration, mugginess in air, temperature, air speed, soil dampness the board, flood and wrinkle water system, wealth of minerals in soiletc. Prof Dr Masood Rabbani said UVAS constantly orchestrated such sort of enlightening classes for the consciousness of ranchers particularly for their direction that how cultivating network improve their feed creation and furthermore productivity of poor cultivating network also.

Applied Research Manger UVAS Dairy Beef Project Mr Hafeez Ullah gave an introduction on town based seed undertaking and task mediations for advancement of feed assets through on-ranch agronomy examine, advantage of value grub seed, imitate grain inquire about path by including private division, Rhodes grass explore trail through PPP mode, expansion material by venture, feed mix plan for smallholders ranchers, methodologies to renew the feed creation and augmentation administrations, and so on.

Toward the finish of seminar,Prof Rabbani alongside Prof Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani, Prof Dr Kamran Ashraf introduced a keepsake to Mr Muhammad Asif Sharif. Recorder Sajjad Haider exhibited a statement of gratitude.

Then, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore organised a finishing up the function of 2-days workshop on “Patent Drafting” for employees and scientists here on Wednesday in Veterinary Academy.

In this workshop different parts of patent drafting, documenting strategies and licensed innovation rights were talked about. Bad habit Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Rabbani led the closing session of the workshop and dispersed endorsements among members. Prior Prof Dr Kamran Ashraf led the debut session.

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