Training Classes Under ‘Hunarmand Pakistan’ To Be Resumed Next Week


Training Classes Under 'Hunarmand Pakistan' To Be Resumed Next Week

The National Vocational and Technical Training Committee (NAVTTC) will restart training courses under the Kamyab Jawan plan of the Prime Minister of “Skills for All” (Pakistan National Weapons) from October 26.

The Executive Director (NAVTTC) Dr. Nasir Khan announced on Monday that he will strictly abide by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for anti-coronavirus.

When talking with APP, he said that all the arrangements were completed in this regard. After that, the students who had previously attended were also hinted at the information about the resumption of classes in the affiliated institutions.

He refuted news reports about the closure of the “Hungarian Armory”, saying that after the coronavirus pandemic, the courses under the plan hardly stopped.

The executive director said that the government launched the “Skills for All” project under the Kamyab Jawan plan at the beginning of 2020, provided seed funding of Rs 10 billion, and set high-tech and traditional industries to train 50,000 people by the end of fiscal year 2020. Goal-21.

When asked, he said that at least 37,000 young people have registered for courses in traditional and high-tech industries from all over the country.

He told 17,000 students from underdeveloped areas that they taught conventional skills such as welding, plumbing, clothing making and cooking, while 20,000 young people from all over the country were engaged in high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing. Learn.

He said that the second phase of “The Huns and Pakistan” will recruit more young people to engage in conventional and traditional trade in order to achieve the set goals by the end of this fiscal year.

Dr. Nasir said that smart laboratories will be established in the religious laboratories under the “Skills for All” plan, and the apprenticeship program and the opening of skills centers are also underway.

The executive director pointed out that the purpose of the plan is to increase the number of skilled workers in the country through six-month training for young people in traditional trade in underdeveloped regions and training for high-tech personnel from all over the country.

He emphasized that young people in underdeveloped regions also have the opportunity to receive high-tech courses from modern institutions located in major cities. He added that accommodation and accommodation facilities were also provided for these students.

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Last Updated on 10/20/2020


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