The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan deploys Microsoft Teams to over 100 universities.



To speed up distance learning in a secure environment, Microsoft supports the Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) by deploying official online and distance learning interactive teams between more than 100 public and private universities.

This move is in response to HEC’s call for ideas on how to address the impact of COVID-19 on education and research. This pandemic forced educators and students to rush to distance learning.

“Our strong cooperation with Microsoft covers many areas, including research and innovation, capacity building, and of course the services provided by Office 365. The use of the team will simplify the transition of many of our members to an innovative educational delivery model and also help Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman of the Pakistan Higher Education Commission said: “We can meet the future needs of students in the rapidly changing job market. ”

With the help of Microsoft, the migration to a virtual classroom environment has achieved seamless continuity without interrupting the learning experience of many students.

Features such as “whiteboards in teams” provide a real-time interactive environment, while educators can host class discussions by muting, recording, and sharing controls that drive participation. For evaluation, educators can also use Microsoft Forms to easily create and score quizzes in teams

Many industries are adapting to a new way of life, work, and study. Microsoft’s commitment is focused on supporting educational institutions to maintain continuity by providing distance learning tools.

“As universities switch to distance learning, teams can provide an online classroom that brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, exams, documents, and conversations into a platform that can be accessed on mobile devices, tablets, PCs or browsers. With this partnership, we are able to provide access rights in various institutions, and we are working with HEC to ensure smooth training and promotion nationwide.

Other tools that have revolutionized the educational experience for educators and learners include the Microsoft Flipgrid tool, which is a tool for educators that attracts students by creating and sharing short videos.

Flipgrid includes an immersive reader whose tools can read text aloud and provide other reading aids and accessibility features to help ensure that all students can participate. It also enables students and learners of all abilities to express themselves confidently.

Educators can also use Microsoft Streams to record their speeches, allowing them to be automatically accessed through classroom channels in the team. For ease of reference, the assignment and other classroom materials are placed on One Note to provide a repository. All materials are organized and easily accessible.

“When students transition to this new way of learning, we are also very aware of their online security. As part of the Microsoft 365 (M365) service, Microsoft Teams follows all security best practices and processes, such as through defense-in-depth, service Within customer control, security hardening and operational best practices to proactively protect our services, thereby achieving service-level security, Jamshad added that customers are protected from security threats.

In the long run, HEC and Microsoft have created an Education Transformation Framework (ETF)-a basic agreement based on capacity building, skills certification, promotional activities, and the annual Imagine Cup competition.

Digital transformation is an undisputed force that will revolutionize our industry, innovate our products, redefine our services, and reshape the way we work. This means that students will enter a very different job market. Microsoft is committed to working with HEC to provide immersive learning to improve the experience and educational outcomes of Pakistani students.

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Last Updated on 06/07/2020


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