SU Admission Committee Approves Online Admissions To Bachelor And Master Degree Programes 2021



Punjab University To Re-open In Phases

Punjab University will be reopened in three phases in accordance with the government SOP and HEC’s master’s program on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from September 15. Starting from September 26, the LLB exam will be conducted in accordance with the previous model.

PU spokesperson Khuram Shahzad said in a press statement issued on Thursday that virtual and traditional classroom teaching methods will be implemented simultaneously, adding that students who prefer online teaching will receive a 50% fee reduction.

He said that it is not mandatory for students to participate in traditional classroom teaching (on-campus) courses. They may choose online courses, adding that all such students will receive a 50% fee reduction except for tuition classes. Actual work before the end of the semester.

A PU spokesperson stated that in the first phase from September 15 to October 25, the admission process for BS was started and completed. And M.A./M.Sc, MS, M.Phil. The admission time for PhD and Ph.D. starts on October 1, and only September 23 is open to the dormitory of Ph.D. and M. Phil students, adding that even with the approval of the respective person in charge, it may be from September 15 Starting to allow PhD and M. Phil students to conduct research and laboratory work.

In the second phase on December 15 (November 2), BA (Hons) / BS (Hons) and M.A / M.Sc. Traditional classroom teaching courses for the third and seventh semesters (on campus). The third semester will start on November 2nd, and the third phase will start on December 16th. All BS and master’s freshmen (campus) traditional classes (campus) courses will start, and the fifth semester will start.

He added: “All faculty and staff will resume their posts on September 15.”

The spokesperson said that in the first stage, only doctoral and master of philosophy scholars are allowed to work, while in the second stage, online and traditional classroom teaching (campus) courses will be held at the same time, and the decision to continue the online course will receive a 50% fee reduction. .

He said BS and M.A/M.Sc online courses for all semesters. Will last until October 30, 2020.

However, the practice and laboratory work of these students will be postponed and tuition classes will be held after the university officially reopens.

He said that the second phase of the traditional classroom teaching class (campus) student dormitory will be opened on November 2, and the facility will be open to students in the third phase on December 16, adding that the second phase of students Should have to withdraw from the dormitory on December 15 to make room for the next stage of boarding students.

He said that starting from September 26, the first annual MA/M.Sc will start from September 26 in the traditional way. , The second part and the Bachelor of Laws (all parts of the 3-year and 5-year system) are inspected, he added that the inspection of pharmacy and geology (all professionals) will be conducted in the traditional way from October 1, 2020 Start.

He said that the dormitory facilities will only be provided to those I/II/III students who have cleared the dormitory and department unpaid/current dues, and it is recommended that students pay their tuition in the designated bank. as long as.

The spokesperson said that students in traditional (campus) classrooms can also participate in makeup and cram school, and perform practice or laboratory work when needed.

He said that with the exception of evening shows, students are not allowed to stay in dormitories and students are not allowed to stay in dormitories, adding that violations will result in expulsion of students.

Cafes and canteens will be open for take away, while all fruit shops near the hotel will remain closed. The spokesperson said that boarding students will have to submit a certificate duly signed by their parents proving that they will comply with all SOPs for COVID-19 set by the university.

He said that the University Health Center will entrust representatives to handle suspected COVID-19 cases in the university and refer them to the hospital when needed.

He said that quarantine areas will be established in the Student Teacher Center (STC), guest rooms and halls to deal with suspected COVID-19 cases. He said that no one is allowed to hold any form of gathering in the venue. the University.

Last Updated on 09/11/2020


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