SHC moved against MBBS admission policy disparities



SHC moved against MBBS admission policy disparities

The Sindh High Court stated in a letter on Wednesday that the differences in the MBBS entrance examination policy between Sindh and the federal government have caused confusion and concern for students.

At the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer moved the court to the court to seek the center and the provincial government’s entrance examination policy.

He pointed out that Sindh province and the federal government have separately designated examination dates. Although the latter has announced the examination outline, the former has not released any details about the entrance examination.

The lawyer attributed the difference in the MBBS admission policy between Sindh and the center to the dissolution of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Board.

He said that in the fiasco, the students were confused and worried.

At the request of the federal government and the Sindh provincial government, they sought the MBBS acceptance policy. The court issued notices to the relevant review agency, the Pakistan Medical Council, the Secretary of the Sindh Health Department and other respondents, instructing them to submit a statement of defense before October 16. Submit a reply.

Housing project scam

At the same time, a bench composed of two persons headed by judge Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro, under the guise of a residential project in Clifton, Silver Sands, defrauded citizens , Seeking compensation from the court of first instance, and extending the defendant builder’s bail.

The court issued the order when it heard a bail request from the defendant builder Sikandar Abdul Kareem. He was accused of defrauding 600 citizens.

At the hearing, the affected citizens complained to the court, and the builder agreed to pay them only 1.7 million rupees in compensation. They said that the “Silver Sands” project started in 1992 but has not been completed so far. They said that at the same time, many people who booked apartments had died.

According to them, whenever they demand compensation from the builder, they will be driven away.

They told the court that Kareem fled the country after scamming money from them and has now returned.

However, the court instructed them to contact the court of first instance regarding compensation.

Judge Calhoro explained: “Only when the defendant’s bail request has been submitted to us, can the trial court proceed with litigation related to the payment of compensation.”

Since then, the court extended the defendant’s bail period to November 17, and adjourned the trial.

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Last Updated on 10/18/2020


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