Scope of Pharmacy in Pakistan


Scope of Pharmacy in Pakistan

Pharmacy in Pakistan is a profession that deals with the preparation, designing, and appropriate use of medicines. It is an emerging field and has vital importance in the field of medicine. Physicians check the patients and suggest treatment, but the pharmacist prepares the medicines that are used for the treatment.

A pharmacist also has the ability to monitor the health and progress of recovery of patients to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Work Nature of a pharmacist

Pharmacists are responsible for guiding and aware the patients and doctors for the selection of medicine, its dosage, and the side effects that come along with the medicine. The pharmacist’s job is also to monitor the patients’ health condition to ensure that they are taking the right treatment.

Scope of Pharmacy

The scope of Pharmacy in Pakistan is very vast. There are a large number of career opportunities for the pharmacist in the different fields. These fields of opportunities may belong to both Government and the private sector. Some of the Pharmacist scope positions are described below.

Job scope in the private sector

There is a huge scope of Pharmacy in the private sector, as described below. 

Retail or Pharmacy Company

A pharmacist can start his/her career in a retail or pharmacy company as its scope is increasing. Such as you can introduce the availability of medicine in online stores. So, that people can purchase online medicines.

Private Job opportunities

Pharmacists can secure a private job in the private companies related to the Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries are growing day by day in Pakistan that are providing job opportunities to the pharmacist.

Distribution setup

A pharmacist can start his distribution setup related to the Pharmacy or work in the company of distribution setup.

Sales and Marketing

Pharmacists can also secure a job in the field of sales and marketing. Different companies are working on sales and marketing in different areas.

Hospital Pharmacist

Pharmacists also have job and career opportunities in the private hospitals as a pharmacist. 

Instructor job vacancies

There are job opportunities in the institutes that provide training to category B students. This job is known as an instructor job for category B candidates.

Nutraceutical Industry

Nutraceutical industries are rising rapidly. These industries provide a lot of job and career opportunities for pharmacists.


The NGOs need the help of pharmacist to provide the best treatment in the areas where people can not afford. Therefore, they provide job opportunities for pharmacists.

Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics industries need a pharmacist to test their cosmetics so that they can ensure that the products that they are going to launch are safe for the people. In this way, there are also job facilities in the cosmetics industry.

Pharmacy scope in the Training Centre

There is a scope of Pharmacy in the training centres. The training centres need pharmacists for the training of the candidates either regarding education or in the preparation of medicines.

Scope of Pharmacy in The Government Sectors of Pakistan

There is also a lot of scope of Pharmacy in the Government sectors of Pakistan. Some of such sectors are described below one by one.

Government Teaching Hospitals

The government teaching hospitals require to hire teachers to teach and train the students in the medical field as the pharmacist knows best about the medicines. So, the government hospitals provide job opportunities to the pharmacist.

Drug Inspector

Pharmacists have job opportunities as drug inspectors in almost every city of Pakistan.

Authorization of drugs

Pharmacists can secure their job in the sector of the drug regulatory authority of Pakistan, which is one of the best fields for pharmacists.

Forensic Scientist

The pharmacy scope is not only limited to the training institutions, but it is also in the forensics departments.

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