Rs 55.476 Mln Being Spent On Up-gradation Of HDIP’s Fuel Testing Labs In Karachi



Rs 55.476 Mln Being Spent On Up-gradation Of HDIP's Fuel Testing Labs In KarachiThe Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) is upgrading its fuel testing laboratory operating in Karachi to ensure the provision of quality petroleum products, as the government has allocated Rs 55,476,000 in the 2020-21 PSDP for this purpose.

“The Karachi HDIP Operations Office will enhance, upgrade and ISO certification of the Karachi Laboratory Complex (KLC), which will be carried out in the next fiscal year. For this purpose, the government has allocated 550.76 million in the public sector development plan for 2020-21 Special funds of rupee.”, according to official documents provided by APP.

In addition, 100 million rupees will be spent on the expansion and upgrade of the Pakistan Petroleum Core Building (PETCORE).

The HDIP laboratory tests the fuel quality of all importers before unloading them from the tanker. “For this reason, HDIP samples each imported product in the presence of the importer’s surveyor.” If there is any quality dispute, the third-party surveyor should be present with the authorized representative of the relevant stakeholders (including HDIP) In case of re-sampling.

“Fresh samples are tested by another independent laboratory, accompanied by a representative nominated by the importer and HDIP, which is pre-approved by the Petroleum and Gas Regulatory Authority and is considered final and binding.” And the Natural Gas Regulatory Bureau also independently sample ships carrying imported petroleum products through any approved laboratory for effective monitoring, quality assurance and greater process transparency.

According to this policy, it is recommended that HDIP cooperate with petroleum sales companies to start sampling and follow-up testing of imported petroleum products in the presence of the importer’s surveyor, and report to the competent authority within 7 days.

“According to this policy, imported petroleum products that meet the approved specifications notified by the Ministry of Petroleum are allowed to be used in this country.” / 395.

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Last Updated on 10/08/2020


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