Punjab University Makes Online Classes Compulsory During Lockdown


Punjab University Makes Online Classes

Punjab University decided on Thursday that due to the prevalence of COVID-19 in the country, during the lock-up period, students must take online courses in online teaching courses and distribute assignments whose weight cannot exceed 30%.

There was a video link meeting of the dean and department chair chaired by PU Vice-Chancellor Professor Niaz Ahmad. The meeting decided to minimize the loss of valuable student learning time due to the outbreak of COVID-19 according to the decision of the Higher Education Commission (HEC ) Guidelines.

However, the decision/assessment of the theoretical subjects (intermediate / end-of-term or comprehensive examination) is postponed until the country returns to normal. It was also decided to postpone laboratory work/practice meetings and examinations with related modules.

The meeting decided to post the course materials and recorded lectures via relevant software by mail/email / upload to maximize the students ’learning outcomes.

Decided that the online course is a required course, and continue according to the schedule issued by the relevant college / research institute/center / department, and at the same time will provide students with the course outline and related online books as soon as possible.

However, during normal semesters after returning to school under normal circumstances, students with real barriers to taking online courses will be provided with on-campus cram school/summer camp or additional credits. I decided not to charge these students tuition for these courses.

The meeting decided that all teachers, including visiting teachers, will record student attendance records during online lectures, and the dean and dean will ensure the regularity of the online course.

PU spokesperson Khurram Shahzad told APP that the summer vacation will be announced according to the university academic calendar.

Last Updated on 04/03/2020


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