PIAIC Result 2019 – Presidential Initiative


PIAIC Result 2019

PIAC Results are in for the first exams at Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing (PIAIC). As defined in the course syllabus, the PIAIC grading policy is based on a percentile ranking system. Please find your result here with your roll number.

Note: All future faculty and TA selections will be prioritized based on this ranking system.

Entry Test Results – PIAIC

PIAIC Entry Test Result Please find your result here with your roll number.

PIAIC Result Grading Policy

Please note that this grading policy applies to the overall percentile that will be calculated at the end of the quarter. You still have the opportunity to get better results and improve your overall percentile by performing better in the remaining exams this quarter.


A-Grade: 78 – 99 Percentile
B-Grade: 41 – 77 Percentile
C-Grade: 23 – 40 Percentile
F-Grade: 1 – 22 Percentile


Anyone who is in the bottom 22th Percentile i.e. F Grade will deem to have failed and will not be promoted to the next quarter and will be removed from the program.


Last Updated on 07/18/2019


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