Parents, Students Express Satisfaction Over Reopening Of Schools



Parents, Students Express Satisfaction Over Reopening Of SchoolsAccording to strict standard operating procedures (SOP), after the reopening of educational institutions across the country, including the capital, there was a burst of happiness between parents and students.

Due to Covid-19, after a long period of home study during the school holidays, children in the country retracted physically in the classroom on Wednesday and adjusted to the new normal.

When talking with the scribe of the APP, the students and teachers expressed their excitement when they met again in school, but because they are worried that the coronavirus is not over yet, please stay close to each other.

Zain Shafiq (Zain Shafiq) was founded 10 years ago, he said that now going to school needs to adapt to many preventive measures, all children share their emotions and get support in school.

A student said: “Each of us has masks and disinfectants. We have been screened at the school door and even socially counselled in the classroom.”

The parents also expressed their confidence and said that returning to school is a happy moment for the children, their education and their happiness.

Private school principles Ms. Tehmina Karamat said that after the pandemic has intensified, today in the third stage of the school’s reopening, more children have returned to the classrooms. The school has no chance and implemented strict social evacuation measures, such as providing temperature screening. There is a student station at the entrance to Chahe Washing Hands, and the morning assembly is broadcast live to the classroom to prevent overcrowding.

Another parent named Shumaila said that her son was often bored at home, so he was anxious to go back, adding that she did not like online teaching because it would cause eye discomfort.

Another principle of public schools says that they are happy to receive support from students and provide support to the children of the main workers who have been working here since the beginning.


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Last Updated on 09/30/2020


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