Pakistani students bag ‘dream awards’ in Beijing


Pakistani students bag ‘dream awards’ in Beijing

Pakistani students showcased their talents at the annual “3rd Silk Road and Young Dream Award” award ceremony in Beijing, China, and won awards in speech, photography, music, singing and sand painting competitions.

Participants from more than 30 countries participated in the award ceremony co-hosted by the Silk Road Cities Alliance, the China Peace and Development Friendship Foundation, the Beijing Belt and Road Cooperative, and the Chongyang Institute of Finance of the Renmin University of China.

Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Head of the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing, introduced the occasion and distributed prizes to the winners.

Muhammad Ali Asad of the Embassy of Pakistan (PECB) served as a judge for the speech contest.

As always, the contestants from Pakistan shocked and won the favor of audiences on the platform through speeches, singing, music and artistic works. Students of the Pakistan Embassy College in Beijing (PECB) managed to obtain several positions in different categories.

In the speech contest, the Danish Yaqoob from Pakistan won the first place, and the student Abdul Rehman from PECB won the third place.

PECB student Maaz Ali Nadeem won the most popular award in the photography competition, while PECB students Areeba Ali and Thembekile won the Excellence Award in the music and voice competition.

In addition, PECB students also read the “Health Declaration” on the “Silk Road” and “Young Dreams” platforms.

This year, in this pandemic, all competitions were held online after the health-themed Covid-19.

Participants from all over the world enthusiastically participated in the annual competition and spread it in all categories with enlightened ideas and performance.

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Last Updated on 10/19/2020


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