O And A Level Exams Postponed Amid Fears Of Coronavirus


O And A-Level Exams

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said on Tuesday that O and A level exams originally scheduled for May and June were postponed to further orders.

The Federal Minister tweeted that the decision to postpone the O and A exams was made at a meeting attended by Ms. Uzma Yousaf, head of the University of Cambridge, Pakistan. He tweeted this post and answered many people’s questions in his personal capacity.

Earlier, he tweeted that O and A exams had been postponed, and a new date would be announced by Cambridge later.

The federal minister said at a news conference on Wednesday that all inspections due in May were postponed to June 1 due to concerns about a coronavirus outbreak in the country. He said the government will assess the situation at an education conference on March 27.

“We will consult with all provincial education ministers on March 27 and will further decide whether to close or open these schools.

“The exams for all 29 committees in Pakistan will be scheduled after June 1. The minister said that even the Cambridge exams will not be held until June. He also said that his Foreign Ministry’s decision to inform Prime Minister Imran sweat.

“We held a meeting in this area yesterday and made this decision for the greater public good. Coronavirus is spreading through social interaction, so we need to minimize it,” he said.

The total number of coronaviruses in Pakistan is 245, the highest in Sindh, with 172 people confirmed to be infected with the virus. The situation in Sindh is “locked in” and the situation is getting worse.

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases, all educational institutions across the country have closed. Federal and provincial governments are taking full control of this pandemic, which has claimed 7,000 lives and infected more than 170,000 people worldwide.

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