NTC Committed To Improve Quality Of Technology Education



The National Technical Committee (NTC) is committed to improving engineering and technical personnel and improving the overall standards of technical education and courses in accordance with current challenges.

NTC Chairman Imtiaz Gilani pointed this out when presiding over the 6th NTC meeting held by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri also attended the meeting via video link, and newly appointed members, including Vice-Chair Professor Muhammad Mukhtar and other ex officio members also attended the meeting.

The NTC chairman said that major issues that engineers and technicians need to focus on immediately include approving its service structure.

“The service structure must be based on vertical growth and have the opportunity to compete for research and technology-oriented positions in the country, including entrepreneurship in technology-related fields.” NTC conference participants announced to HEC that 200 scholarships are provided for technical personnel The move is appreciated.

They made important decisions in simplifying NTC’s academic and governance activities. A committee was formed to conduct technical education in accordance with HEC’s 2020 undergraduate education policy. It was also decided to recommend including a representative of the Association of Technical Experts as a member of the board of directors.

“If the association fails to recommend a person and give multiple names, the NTC chairman may appoint the most capable and proficient nominee.” Recognizing that compared with Pakistan, engineering and technical personnel do not receive the recognition they deserve. In developed countries, technicians have the advantage of practical methods to solve problems in practice. The chairman and members of the NTC expressed their determination to take practical measures to improve the country’s engineering and technical personnel.

The conclusion of the meeting was that NTC must expand the scope of application in emerging technologies that benefit mankind and promote the national economy.


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Last Updated on 10/28/2020


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