NED entry test lays bare edu boards’ low merit


NED entry test lays bare edu boards’ low merit

We learned that in the intermediate examination conducted by the Sindh Provincial Education Commission, many science students with high scores failed the entrance examination of NED University of Engineering and Technology (NED).

This raises questions about the performance standards adopted by the Sindh Provincial Education Commission.

The entrance examination for university freshmen was held in recent days. Students who passed the examinations organized by the Sindh Provincial Government, Federal Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission, Aga Khan University Examinations Committee and Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) passed the examinations and entered the university.

Among these students, most of them are engineering students, and a small part are medical students.

According to the available data from The Express Tribune, there are 9,290 candidates, of which 5,029 (54% of the participants) passed the NED entrance exam, and each scored at least 50%.

210 of the 802 students (only 26%) took the exam after passing the Intermediate Examination of the Hyderabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISEH). After passing the exam under BISEH, the remaining 74% failed the exam.

Similarly, of the 556 applicants who passed the Intermediate Examinations of the Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission, 18.5% of Sukkur (i.e. 103) passed the entrance examination, and 81.5% of the students failed.

Among the 656 candidates who passed the Intermediate Examination by the Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission, 18% of Larcana State, with a total of 118 participants, succeeded, while 82% failed.

In addition, among the 657 students who participated in the intermediate examinations taken by the Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee, 20.8% of Milpurcas, accounting for 137, met the qualifications for the next stage, while 79.2% of the students failed the entrance examination.

On the other hand, the performance of students who passed the intermediate examination under the Karachi Intermediate Education Committee was significantly better. Among the 5,225 students who took the entrance exam, as many as 70% of the participants (3,760) succeeded.

Similarly, of the 265 students who entered the Federal Council to study, 62.6% (that is, 166) passed the entrance examination. Among the 552 participants who passed the CAIE study, 78% passed the test, or 431; of the 172 students who studied at the Aga Khan University Board of Directors, 83.7% passed the test, or 144.

NED accepts 2,653 students, of which 2,097 are reserved for students who are admitted based on public merit, and 565 are self-financing candidates.

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Last Updated on 10/05/2020


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