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Online Vehicle Verification – MTMIS


The vehicle registration process is different in all provinces of Pakistan. Each province has its own taxes and procedures for vehicle registration and renewal.

The Consumption Tax Department of Punjab has developed the Automobile Transportation Information Management System (MTMIS).

Here you can verify Punjab and Sindh vehicle.

The high-tech and centralized vehicle registration information system can provide all important details of the vehicle registration status. Anyone who intends to buy or sell a car can use MTMIS to easily verify the owner.

How to use MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification

In MTMIS Punjab process of verification is very simple. All you need to do is enter the vehicle number in the correct format. The following details of the vehicle are currently available for the public.

Punjab Vehicle Verification

  • Owner’s Name
  • Registration Number
  • Color
  • Engine Number
  • Vehicle Price
  • Year of Make
  • Recent Taxes paid or Taxes Due

Benefits of Online Vehicle Verification – MTMIS Sindh

The Online Vehicle Verification of Sindh is very helpful in avoiding legal issues that you might come across when you are buying a car.

MTMIS Sindh is really beneficial to save oneself from almost any vehicle fraud or scam. MTMIS Sindh provides information about both cars and bikes.

Sindh Vehicle Verification

Verification of documents is an essential prerequisite to consider when buying a used car. To alleviate this critical issue, the Government of Pakistan has formulated a portal known as MTMIS (Motor Transport Management Information System).

CPLC Car Verification Karachi

The MTMIS of Sindh caters to the needs of the citizens in terms of vehicle registration. It gives one a comprehensive look at the used car that they are interested in purchasing. It is indeed a great step by the government.

Apart from checking the car details from MTMIS before its purchase, there is another way to find the details of the vehicle and that is CPLC (Citizens Police Liaison Committee).

CPLC has a strong database, it has all the data of cars running on the roads of Karachi. One can go to CPLC office or can also call to check about any car.


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