Minister rules out closure of educational institutions


Minister rules out closure of educational institutions

The situation of the National Health Service (NHS) has been brought under control and the facility will not be closed immediately.

However, he added that all education ministers of the country will hold a virtual meeting today (Wednesday) where they will share the latest information on Covid-19 and the implementation of standard operating procedures to limit the spread of the disease in the province.

He said: “We will get the latest news at the meeting, but this does not mean that we will close the institution.” He added that the federal and provincial education ministries cannot decide on the closure of their own affairs, but to get opinions from the closed institutions. NHS Department.

He said: “So far, the Ministry of Health has not considered such a proposal.”

According to officials from the Federal Ministry of Education, the Inter-Provincial Conference of Ministers of Education (IPEMC) meeting will be chaired by Mr. Mehmood.

Several issues will be discussed, including updates on the Covid-19 situation and decisions made by educational institutions during the winter vacation.

Another agenda item under discussion is to move the school year from April to August and conduct eighth grade exams nationwide instead of ninth grade exams.

Mr. Mahmoud said that the school year starts in August all over the world, but in Pakistan, private schools start in August and public schools start in April.

He said: “At the meeting, we will discuss this issue and will explore the options for all public and private institutions to start the school year in August.”

When discussing the proposed board examination for eighth-grade students, Mahmoud stated that the ministers will explore the possibility of implementing the eighth-grade board examination instead of the ninth-grade examination.

“According to my personal opinion, I support the eighth grade exam. But we will discuss the issue in detail at the meeting.” He said.

He said that these three issues are part of the agenda, but their purpose is not the final decision.

He said: “Basically, we will discuss these issues and explore various possibilities.

The educational institution, which was closed for six months from March to September, has accepted the Covid-19 case since its reopening.

Mr. Mahmood stated that the percentage of cases has been controlled.

According to the SOP, the district administrative department must seal up two or more educational institutions.

For this reason, dozens of institutions have closed and reopened after a few days of disinfection.

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Last Updated on 11/07/2020


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