Millennium Education Hosts Pakistan’s Largest Teacher’s Development Conference TDC 2020


Millennium Education

The Ministry of Information said that the Millennium Professional Development Institute (MIPD) sponsored the largest annual teacher development conference (TDC 2020) in Pakistan, with the theme being a very realistic specific theme “35 minutes”. This is the Millennium Education Teacher Development Heritage of Islamabad Pakistan-China Friendship Center Continuation.

Pakistan Millennium Education understands that in today’s changing and innovative era, the roles of educators and school leaders are challenging, complex and constantly demanding. Nearly 1,000 teachers in the National Millennium Education Network and organizers are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, bringing learning plans and training to the classroom. This year’s conference brought together the directors of Mr. Abbas Husain’s Teacher Development Center, the renowned nuclear physicist Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoya, and the director and founder of Umair Jaliawala Tors, Yousaf Bashir Qureshi artist and spiritual speaker, Asma Mustafa OD trainer, Uzma Yousuf National Director CAIE, Shazia Khawar Regional Director, UK Council, PhD. Nishat Riaz, Chairman, British Council, Dr. Rizwan Taj, Head of Psychiatry at PIMS, Microsoft, JS Bank and ACCA Pakistan Representatives, who inspire and inject new ideas into conference delegates, including Millennium Education CEO Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, Executive Director Anna Faisal, Academic Director Erum Atif, Communication Director Sabina Zakir, General Manager, Female Principal, Department Head, Academic Coordinator and the entire teaching team. Committed to transforming teaching methods. For the past eleven years, the platform has provided an excellent opportunity to think about gratitude and classroom practitioners, to discuss and talk about the most important issues for the students they serve to achieve excellence in education and equity.

Dr. Mohsin-e-Pakistan Abdul Qadeer Khan of Pakistan, as a valuable chief guest, added to this auspicious occasion by awarding awards and certificates to teachers who have obtained Cambridge professional development qualifications, foundation courses and Microsoft Innovation Educator Expert Certificates. A total of 600 teachers have been awarded for their outstanding performance in the Millennium Education.

The founder and CEO of MIPD, Millennium Education Mr. Faisal Mushtaq has always been a visionary advocate of professional development, which is an important parameter of an evolving system. Enrichment and skills development are the only constant things in the contemporary education world. TD / C 2020 promotes the magical effect of 35 minutes: minutes that can redefine, reshape and rebuild the learning experience.

Mr. Abbas Hussein, the founder of SPELLED (Pakistan English Teachers Association) facilitated the meeting and inspired delegates about the concept of “critical spaces” in the classroom and how effective and enthusiastic teaching can transform various fields Thought for “learning space”. “It can cultivate the minds of young people and promote rapid learning. He emphasized that ideally, teachers with internal motivation opened new doors of knowledge and helped the transition of intelligence from one stage to another fruitful stage.

Umair Jaliawala’s inspirational speech captivated the audience. He urged teachers to build active classrooms and not to isolate learning spaces from young and impressive students by understanding their needs and abilities

Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy talked about the 21st-century skills that are needed for students to survive and succeed in the future world, which are flooded with digital technology. His message of creating a safe space for this environment caught the attention of the audience.

Yousaf Bashir Qureshi elaborated on the impact of spirituality on the mental health of young people. As values ​​and ethics become a necessity in every home and classroom, most young people today spend most of their time on life without goals.

At the meeting, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq CEO, Millennium Education and founder MIPD talked about the basic goals of the meeting. His presentation revolved around creating collaborative thinking around key issues such as education to spark discussions on contemporary methods. He reiterated that the institution’s support for legendary teaching, learning, and knowledge-making history has been the reason for the conference. From the beginning, the vision of the Teacher Development Conference is to bring teachers directly into contact with leading academics, academia, and educational thinkers in an exciting environment.

In the end, Mr. Abbas Husaing lost the training learning results and gave a closing speech, followed by a Q & A session.

The 2020 Teacher Development Conference aims to provide teachers with the opportunity to learn word lessons. Its purpose is to provide a platform for teachers to use every minute of the classroom and to provide learners with the best learning opportunities in a single lesson.

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