Members Of NA Standing Committee On S&T Visit NUST


Members Of NA Standing Committee On S&T Visit NUST

The members of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology of the National Assembly, led by the chairman of the committee, Mr. Sajid Mehdi, and accompanied by the additional secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Marek Kassel Mazed, also visited representatives of NUTECH, PCRWR and other institutions. Go to the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on Wednesday.

Upon arrival, the distinguished members accepted a comprehensive introduction about NUST’s global and national status, academic and research achievements, multi-dimensional growth, research facilities, etc.

In the ensuing discussion, NUST President Lieutenant General Naweed Zaman (Senior) (University) provided representatives of the university with some of the latest products, including the establishment of Pakistan’s first local production facility for cardiac stents and Various other medical equipment (coming soon), Pakistan’s first National Science and Technology Park (NSTP), outstanding achievements of students in world-renowned science and technology/innovation competitions, etc.

The distinguished guests praised NUST’s management staff, faculty, researchers and students for their unremitting efforts to win the respectable niche market for NUST among world leaders in the short term.

Other agendas considered at the meeting include the National Institute of Oceanography (Amendment) Bill 2019; The Pakistan Water Research Council (Amendment) Act, 2019; Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Agency Act, 2019; The National University of Science and Technology 2018 (Amendment) Bill; conferences and engineering and technical universities and/or emerging technical universities in 2020.

After the meeting, the distinguished congressmen were led to visit the campus, especially the NHT and NSTP. They visited the research and innovation centers representing 8 different industries in different industries such as agricultural technology, national defense technology, etc.

Last Updated on 09/05/2020


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