List Of The Examination Staff Gets Viral On Social Media


Viral On Social Media

Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission Chairman and Test Leader failed to conceal details of the testers used for the matric annual exams in 2020. The list of testers is very important in the annual exams on social media and social networks. The 4 regions (Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock) organized by the Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Board will start on February 22.

According to detailed information, due to the incompetence of the Chairman and the Comptroller of the Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission, the list of examiners for the 2020 Matrix Exam has been leaked on social media. Keeping the inspector’s details prevents the cheating mafia, but these details are now in the cheating mafia. Due to the incompetence of board officials, questions about the fair examination have been raised since February 22.

Dr. Ghulam Dastageer, Chairman of Rawalpindi’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, did not provide any response to online questions. Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee Chairman Spokesperson Arsalan Cheema told Online that the list has been uploaded to the official website of the committee and someone copied the list from the official website and uploaded it to social media, then the committee can do what? The executive branch has done this.

According to him, the details of the inspectors were never secret. Responding to questions related to the cheating mafia, the spokesman said that the cheating mafia has given details of the staff appointed to our center.

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