HEC Working Out Affordable Mobile Packages For Online Education: HEC Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri


HEC Chairman

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is developing a number of initiatives to promote online education for students due to closed institutions across the country after the implementation of COVID-a9.

HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri pointed out in an exclusive conversation with APP on Thursday that it has signed an agreement with the mobile company to provide students with affordable mobile Internet packages, especially for students in remote and remote areas.

He said other agreements are being signed with telecommunications companies to ensure affordable Internet packages for students when the online education system is launched.

Dr. Banuri said that he is also considering the option of offering mobile devices to students who cannot purchase mobile devices and has instructed the university to investigate the matter.

He added that connectivity issues are gradually being resolved, especially in areas where Internet and device issues have been reported.

He said: “With the emergence of new coronaviruses, all educational institutions around the world have stopped face-to-face teaching.” He added that these countries have chosen online education systems in terms of resources and capabilities.

He said that Pakistan should switch to online courses until the situation returns to normal, which is consistent with the practice chosen by developed countries in the current situation. He added that corona not only severely affected Pakistan’s education system, but also seriously affected the global education system.

He urged Pakistani students to seek practical experience, especially online systems.

He said: The future will depend on the online business, because the distribution system and production system will become the main business.

If we do not learn the experience in these fields, then it will be difficult for us to recover. “We have carried out work in two directions, including online courses, and secondly, we have issued a new call for corona research,” he added. He insisted that the online courses be started directly in order to solve the problems arising in this regard. problem.

He said that there are some specific problems with online education, including the lack of an online system, teacher training, connectivity, electricity and the Internet.

He added that in order to meet the challenge, HEC has developed a plan with eight steps, according to which the quality and connectivity issues will be resolved.

He said that the online system will be launched in universities where the quality exceeds the threshold and there are no connection problems.

He added that HEC has asked universities to prepare fully for the online courses until June 1, as if the restrictions due to the epidemic have been extended, then the online system will do.

He said HEC instructed the university not to start online courses until the content was up-to-date.

He added: “We held meetings with the provinces, the technical team and the deputy prime minister to discuss the challenges that will be faced, and these challenges will be prioritized.”

He said that many universities have assured HEC that they will complete the preparation of online courses before June 1, and added that HEC will fully support universities in developing online courses.

He said that HEC has sent guidelines from the government, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) to universities for implementation, and that such directives have been implemented in the HEC for the corona pandemic.


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