HEC Upgrades Sindh University’s 8 Research Journals To ‘Y Category’


HEC Upgrades Sindh Universities

Professor Fateh Muhammad Burfat, vice president of the University of Sindh Jamshoro, said Friday that quality research is the decisive factor in determining university excellence, grade, reputation and social influence.

In his response, the Vice-Chancellor expressed that he was glad to accept the promotion of the eight research journals of Sindh University, which was newly released by the Islamic Commission, “HJRS Journal Recognition System” (HJRS), to be upgraded to “Y category”.

The university’s research journals have been promoted to the “Y” category, including “Asia-Pacific region-Far East and Southeast Asia Annual Research Journal”, “International Journal of Arts and Humanities Research” (IRJAH), “Shield”-Sports and Sports Science Research Journal , Women-Gender Research Annual Research Journal, Sindh University Information and Communication Technology Journal, Government-Politics Annual Research Journal and Keenjhar-Research Journal.

He said that any research journal published by a university is a basic indicator of its quality, reputation and academic achievement.

In addition, he said, it is a key major factor in its ranking at the national and international levels, and he added that it also increases the reputation of the university and helps attract more students to enroll.

He said that the common methods we use to determine phenomena such as intuition and personal experience are basically unreliable in the absence of evidence. Instead, the hallmark of the research is the existence of irrefutable data to support claims. The VC is composed of Professor Hafiz Abdul Ghani Shaikh, Professor Zareen Abbasi, Professor Khalil-u-Rehman Khumbhati and all journal editors and their teams, and said that this is a significant difference between historical and image conversion.

The success is enough to prove that Jamshoro’s Sindh University is the best higher education institution in the country. Dr. Burfat also commended registrar Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Oric Director Zeeshan Bhatti, Dr. Altaf Nizamani, Director of QEC, and Dr. Yasir Arfat Malkani, Director of ITSC, for their services in promoting research and research journals. School team.

Last Updated on 07/14/2020


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