HEC Approves 54 MS/MSC/MSC-Hons/MPhil & PHD Degrees Of PMAS-AAUR


HEC Approves 54 MS-MSC-MSC-Hons-MPhil & PHD Degrees Of PMAS-AAUR

The Quality Assurance Agency (CAA) of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has approved 54 degrees, including 3 masters of science, 1 master of science, 9 masters of science (honors), 18 masters of philosophy and 23 doctoral degrees, respectively It is Rawalpindi (Pal Mehr-AAUR).

The decision was made based on an extensive review of the PMAS-AAUR graduate program in February this year, during which the university submitted a series of compliance reports.

The HEC committee reviewed the files of students, faculty and staff as well as relevant documents and files of MS/MSc/MPhil/MSC (Hons) and PhD programs.

The approved degrees belong to the courses and PhD of Agricultural Economics (MSc-Hons&PhD), Agricultural Engineering (MSc-Hons&PhD), Agricultural Extension (MSc-Hons), Agronomy (MSc-Hons&PhD), Animal Breeding and Genetics (MPhil)) , Animal Nutrition (MPhil), Biochemistry (MPhil), Biotechnology (MPhil), Biology (MPhil), Botany (MPhil&PhD), Computer Science (MS&PhD), Economics (MPhil&PhD), Education (MPhil and PhD) , Entomology (Honours and Doctorate), Environmental Science (Honours and Doctorate), Food Technology (Honours and Doctorate), Forestry (Master and Doctorate), Horticulture (Honours and Doctorate), Management Science ( MBA-1.5 years, master’s degree, doctorate degree, plant breeding and genetics (honorary degree), plant pathology (honorary doctorate), remote sensing and GIS (master, doctorate), sociology (master’s degree), MS in soil science, PhD), Statistics (MPhil), Veterinary Medicine (MPhil&PhD), Veterinary Microbiology (MPhil&PhD), Veterinary Pathology (MPhil&PhD), Wildlife (MPhil&PhD) and Zoology (MPhil&PhD).

Professor Qamar Zaman, the vice president of the university, said that the university is working hard to carry out high-quality research work, and as the director of the institute, his primary responsibility is to provide a prosperous atmosphere for high-quality education and research.

He further pointed out: “As agricultural scientists, conducting high-quality research is our primary responsibility, because the entire country depends on us. If we want Pakistan to make progress in the agricultural field, we must completely change the behavior of students to engage in research.”

Inform the university that it has obtained four research projects, including the National Industrial Biotechnology Center, the Agricultural Strategic Development Center, the pilot project of a data-driven intelligent decision-making platform for improving agricultural productivity, and the National Animal Breeding, Genetics and Genomics Center. Established in PMAS-AAUR.

He added that these projects have great potential and will revolutionize Pakistan’s agricultural sector and ultimately contribute to national development.

He further stated that these projects will play an important role in the development of a system that is economically viable, environmentally friendly and easy to be adopted by the Pakistani agricultural community and manufacturers.

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Last Updated on 10/20/2020


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