Educational institutes to remain closed till July 15


Shafqat Mahmood

Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the government decided to close educational institutions until July 15th, while canceling board exams until the end of the year.

After today ’s National Coordinating Committee meeting, Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood addressed the media.

The minister said in his speech that the government had earlier decided to close educational institutions until May 31, but then approved the extension of its education until mid-July.

Mahmoud said that due to the continuing crisis, board exams from the ninth grade to the middle grade (the twelfth grade) will not be held.

He said that students will be promoted based on the exams of the past few years, adding that on this basis, students will be admitted to the university with their first-year intermediate grades.

Kashif Mirza, chairman of the All Pakistan School Alliance, said they rejected the government ’s decision to close educational institutions until July 15.

He said teachers ’salaries are fixed, and more than 90% of schools operate on rented buildings.

Mirza said that the prime minister should announce an “education aid plan” for schools.

He said that the government should allow schools to reopen from June 1 and announce the SOP in this regard.

Last Updated on 05/08/2020


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