Dozens Of Sindh Pharma-D Institutes Are Not Recognized



Sindh Pharma-D Institutes Are Not Recognized

The future of tens of thousands of pharmacists in the province has been pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy, also known as Pharm-D because about 12 different departments are at risk, and Pharma-D institutions in different universities are not in the United States The Pharmaceutical Association of Pakistan is registered as a professional institution responsible for degree certification.

The relevant departments only carry out educational activities based on the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the federal government.

At the same time, students who have completed the five-year degree program and students pursuing the degree program are worried about their future, because – their degree is still not recognized without department registration, which prevents them from finding work.

The official person in charge of the development project told the Express that only 7 of the 19 pharmacy departments and Pharma-D institutes in public and private universities in Sindh Province are registered, while the rest have not yet met the standards set by the Pharmacy Commission Pakistan

“Departments and universities must provide the necessary facilities within their premises. These include the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Women’s Medicine and Health Sciences (PUMHSW), the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences of Liaquate, and Shaheed of Larkana State Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University’s Pharmacy Department is not registered.” He said.

One of the students who obtained a degree from the PUMHSW Shaheed Benazirabad campus described his ordeal.

“My institute was established in 2014. I was one of the first 50 students pursuing the Pharm-D institute. We don’t know that the institution is not registered.” She said. “When we found out, the university’s administrative department said that the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Council will visit the department and register soon. It has been almost seven years, and two more batches have graduated, but did nothing.”

Another student said that they could not find a job abroad, were not eligible for government positions, could not set up a pharmacy or obtained a lucrative job in the private sector of the Pharma-D institution

“Without the registration of our institution, our degree is worthless. She even lamented that even the private company that agreed to hire us deducted our salary.

The minimum standards for registering pharmaceutical institutions with the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Council include adequate academic facilities, sound infrastructure, institutional affiliation with universities, financial capabilities, establishment of libraries, and appointment of registered faculty members.

Professor Hamid Kazi, director of the Nawabshah campus of PUMHSW’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, said he took over the position in 2018 and met the criteria for registering the institute.

“We have written to the Pakistan Pharmacy Committee many times to visit the campus and start to inspect our institute, but unfortunately, the current term of the committee has ended.

It was dissolved in September last year,” he said. “Until the establishment of a new institution, this problem cannot be solved. “Professor Qazi added that he had also approached Islamabad’s superior government, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the matter has not been resolved.

On the other hand, a senior official of the health department, who asked not to be named, said that the health department in each province has played a pivotal role in the registration process, but the “Sindh Pharmacy Commission” has been dormant for the past 13 years. status.

“All pharmacy committees in other provinces, including Baluchistan, are accelerating the registration of pharmacies in their provinces. The problem is only in Sindh province,” he said.

Despite many attempts, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Health could not be contacted. However, a spokesperson for the health department said that a meeting has been held on this matter and will be resolved soon.



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