Deputy Superintendent Threaten For Speaking Against Cheating During Exam



The cheating mafia allegedly threatened on Saturday that a deputy took action against the test center administration, alleging that they facilitated students in New Murree’s physics thesis. Misali public school students assisted in their physics thesis Commit fraud. Mafia officials, allegedly ill, threatened while opposing the threat from deputy Sheyed Shakir Shah.

It is worth mentioning here that Shah stopped the role of principal and director to solve their papers. Not only did they use abusive language against Shah, they also threatened to exert resistance against Shah, with dire consequences for him.

Although the issue has been addressed in the media, the underworld mafia is actively helping students with their thesis. Earlier, as many as 50 students from the same school were assisted in solving their chemistry and general science papers.

During the farewell, the school management of Government Boys Middle School New Murree was busy checking with the supervision team of the farewell’s Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards, and the school management assisted the students with the examinations. File and write related materials on the blackboard.

Online received a video about BISE Rawalpindi’s presence of a school administrator in a local hotel. It is worth mentioning here that Online has identified the expected school fraud plan.

Instead, school management, with the so-called support of Rawalpindi’s board inspection team, provided students with the convenience of resolving documents, and when the reporter contacted BISE Rawalpindi’s office, inspector Haji Shamshad denied any Such parties.

However, when he was asked by the board to arrange travel and other expenses for him, why he refused to accept the invitation of the relevant school, he avoided it.

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