Allama Iqbal Open University Holds M.Phil, PhD Examinations From Monday


Allama Iqbal Open University Practical Exam

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will conduct final exams for the M.Phil/MS and PhD programs of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Arab and Islamic Studies in the spring semester (August 10) of 2020.

The press release on Friday said that according to the details, students will take these exams in person, and they will only be held on the university’s main campus (Islamabad).

The Examination Department has arranged an examination hall for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in the academic building of the University, while the examinations for M.Phil/PhD students of the Faculty of Arab and Islamic Studies will be held in the committee meeting room (Block 12) of Arab and Institute of Islamic Studies.

According to the notice, there will be students from 9 social science subjects and 3 subjects of the Arab and Islamic Studies Institute in the 2020 spring examination.

These M.phil and PhD programs are: M.Phil Iqbaliat, M.Phil urdu, M.Phil Pakistani language, M.Phil mass communication, M.Phil economics, M.Phil Pakistan studies, M.Phil library science, MS Management Science, M.

Phil Islamic Research Center, M. Phil Sharia, PhD in Urdu and PhD in Business Management.

The university also notified the revised BS, MSc, MS/M.Phil and PhD course examination schedules for the various science departments.

According to the revised timetable Aiou admission, the final exams for different levels of the Chemistry Department will begin on August 15th, while the Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Agricultural Sciences departments will begin final exams on August 20th.

Since August 5th, the semester exams for different level courses of the Department of Physics, Biology and Environmental Science, Environmental Design, Health and Physical Science have begun. These exams are also held on the main campus of the university.

The examination forms for the M.Phil/PhD exams of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Faculty of Arab and Islamic Studies have been uploaded to the university’s website ( Students can also access the revised timetable for the College of Science exams on the university’s website.

Last Updated on 08/10/2020


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