AIOU Trains 70% Of Teachers Appointed Throughout Country


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Alama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has received a unique honor for providing training for nearly 70% of teachers appointed in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

AIOU has recruited candidates for teacher training programs according to its teacher training program, including one-year masters, and one-year, 1.5-year, and four-year bachelor’s degrees.

M.Ed courses are offered in five areas, including basic teacher education, teacher education, distance and non-formal education, science education and special education.

The qualification standard for the 1.5-year B Ed course is MA/MSc or BS/BA honors in the second subject (4 years). On the other hand, for the 2.5-year B Ed education program (science education), candidates who can obtain a second degree in a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science or equivalent. However, four-year B Ed courses are offered in two fields, and candidates with a second-level intermediate level can apply for this course.

Admission forms and prospectuses for these programs are available in 54 regional offices/model research centers in northern regions, AJK and universities in all four provinces, and more than 100 coordination offices established across the country.

The admission form and prospectus are also available online on the university website (

Dean of the Provost, Professor Nasir Mahmood, said that AIOU is very honored to be able to train 70% of the teachers appointed in schools, colleges and universities across the country, and there is almost no school in the country without AIOU Services of trained teachers.

He was further informed that AIOU’s PTC, CT, B Ed and M Ed teacher training program enrollment rate is the highest in history.

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Last Updated on 09/27/2020


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