AIOU To Facilitate Its 1.4 Mln Students Through ICT


AIOU To Facilitate Its 1.4 Mln Students Through ICT

For the past two years, Alama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has been working hard to facilitate 1.4 million students by adopting the latest technology in its daily administration and academic operations.

The use of the latest information and communication technologies not only enables universities to effectively provide services to students, but has also been shown to help ensure transparency in administrative and financial matters.

The university provides online seminars for all graduate courses offered in the context of the COVID -19 pandemic in the spring semester of 2020.

In addition, the university has appointed highly qualified and well-trained resource personnel from the latest electronically registered teacher data system through the latest teacher registration system (TAS).

The AIOU management department has taken various key measures for the overall progress of the university in the past two years, including providing admissions in two stages per semester, providing online admissions facilities, and transforming the university’s administrative and academic operations from manual to automated and centralized Marking of examination papers, preparation and implementation of the annual academic calendar, expansion of the regional office network, online provision of PDF course books, professional development of teachers, 9 scholarship programs for students in need, free education for girls who drop out, Educational reforms for prisoners, extracurricular activities for students, and various steps taken to promote university research culture.

In short, AIOU is gradually bringing about a technological revolution to provide education to the people of Pakistan.

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Last Updated on 10/08/2020


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